Looking for the best Plantbased/Vegan magazine....Look no further talk to us about Vegan Life and PlantBased magazines! posted 22 days ago           Take a look at IDEAS magazine from Ideas Factory - Beautiful publication from South Africa! posted 22 days ago           Talk to us today about WDDTY! Licenses are available around the world! posted 22 days ago

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BSL is a world leader at creating licensing partnerships between magazine publishers. If you already have a title that has international potential, or perhaps want to launch a new publication with low risk and minimal outlay, then you’ve come to the right place.

Bruce Sawford Licensing has:

  • An unrivalled store of licensing knowledge
  • A comprehensive database of publishing contacts
  • Print and digital media expertise
  • A unique system for identifying suitable licensing partners
  • Expert negotiation as part of a fast and friendly service
  • No upfront charges as standard
  • Provision of draft contracts as part of the service
  • Help with business planning, product development and launch
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10 things you need to know about magazine licensing