Manager Magazin

Manager Magazin

Spiegel Verlag Rudolf Augstein GmbH & Co

Manager magazin is the monthly economic magazine for decision-makers and executives in Germany. First-hand business - this is the guiding principle, now more than 40 years. At an early stage, the newspaper developed its trademark: investigative company stories and the detection of miss management in German companies. This positioning still makes manager magazin a solitaire in the economic media, for many readers it is the leading medium of the economy. Exclusive information is one of the core elements of the magazine. An editorial staff with numerous awards researched persistently and investigatively to make companies and their actions transparent to the reader. The editorial team analyzes precise German and large international companies and shows in portraits the strengths and weaknesses of the economists. The magazine provides exclusive names and messages from the top floors of German companies, describes the true power relations, winners and losers among board members and other business figures. Manager magazin explains the fundamental trends in the economy to its readers. Accurate economic policy analyzes, deeply researched contributions to technological innovations and developments on the most important international markets provide orientation and decision-making support. Personal use at the highest level makes manager magazine also an indispensable guide for the professional career. Experts on the topic of private financial investments provide information on the opportunities and risks of the different investment opportunities and thus provide competent investment advice. And in the "Leben" section, the readers get an exclusive insight into the lifestyle of successful managers and entrepreneurs. Available to license around the world.

12 issues a year


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