Colour Calm

Colour Calm

Future Publishing Ltd

Colouring books for adults is the fastest growing sector in publishing… it’s huge, with titles registering sales of over 90 per cent! Now Future Publishing has joined the party with a monthly magazine entitled COLOUR CALM. This publication offers readers a monthly selection of intricate designs that are perfect for relieving stress and providing a welcome escape from the pressures of everyday life. COLOUR CALM’s patterns are printed on heavy, high quality paper that's perfect for creative colouring using felt pens or pencil crayons. COLOUR CALM is the ideal way to unwind, relax, and be creative at the same time. It's the ultimate digital detox: keep calm and colour-in! COLOUR CALM in the UK contains over 100 pages. There are virtually no translation costs and the UK edition can be published in any country – almost without alteration.

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