110% Gaming

110% Gaming

DC Thomson

110% Gaming is a 4-weekly magazine aimed at eight to 12 year-old kids that focuses on multi-platform gaming and entertainment. Every issue has gaming reviews that keep readers up-to-date with the latest game-related news, as well as sections covering top tips, walk-through guides, features and comics. All major gaming platforms are covered - Xbox One, Playstation 4, Wii U, Tablet, Mobile and more. Readers can also catch up on YouTuber exclusives with DanTDM, Stampy and EthanGamer, and play like a pro with walkthroughs, Minecraft tips, and Fortnite pro guides.

Published in the UK, 110% Gaming is today’s leading multi-platform magazine and has content that is sure to appeal to gamers in all countries of the world.

12 issues a year

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