Windows 10 for Seniors

Windows 10 for Seniors

Black Dog Media

Written with seniors in mind, the publications demystifies Windows 10, including the new need for a singleMicrosoft account. In this guide we will be looking at your first steps with Windows 10, from upgrading and setting up your accounts to the core Windows apps. Our step-by-step guides and tutorials make getting the most from your computer a breeze, with something new to learn on every page. This includes not only some of the most important elements of Windows 10, such as security and privacy but also many of the things which makes a PC fun! Apps and software upgrade made easy as adding new software to your computer, from photo editing to music streaming, is all about the Windows Store and the Apps you can find there. Maintaining and managing Windows including diagnosing and fixing errors, to managing the storage space on your computer, this guide book will help you to keep your Windows 10 PC running smoothly. Why pay someone else to solve simple problems, when Windows 10 contains all of the tools you need to do it yourself? Available for licensing around the world. This publication is regularly updated in line with software upgrades and developments.


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