Chaussettes à tricoter (Knitting Socks)

Chaussettes à tricoter (Knitting Socks)

Éditions Maire Claire

Marie Claire is one of the biggest brands in publishing, with licensed editions all over the world. It started life as a magazine back in 1937 and since then the brand has grown beyond all recognition. In particular it now licenses a highly acclaimed range of books and these can also be published as bookazines. This year the Marie Claire collection has an emphasis on crafts and includes books on Sewing, Crochet, Embroidery, Home Decoration. You’ll also find books on Health & Wellbeing, Food & Wine and Gardening. We offer a selection here but get in touch if you’d like us to search the collection for something more specific.

Chaussettes à tricoter (Knitting Socks) is a great publication detailing 25 trendy knitting patterns for socks for all the family.

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