Warpaint (Bookazine)

Warpaint (Bookazine)


Each publication in the WARPAINT series offers one-stop reference on a given aircraft type, encompassing a complete and comprehensive history of the development, introduction and service use. Authoritative historical chapters are accompanied by high quality colour profile artwork, scale drawings, and a walkaround section. WARPAINT focuses on aircraft that are no longer in regular service, or whose remaining useful life will not see any significant modifications and the series has now runs to 127 guides, ranging from First World War fighters to Cold War jets, and includes a diverse range of bombers, transports and liaison aircraft.

Widely regarded as one of the essentials for any aviation library, the expanding WARPAINT series continues to inform and inspire both modeller and general aviation enthusiast alike. Publishers can select from archive to create their own customised book or bookazine.


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