Coding For Beginners

Coding For Beginners

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Coding controls nearly every aspect of our modern lives, from traffic lights, to switching the power on for a kettle. Each of these things, and a million others like them, have been coded to operate in a particular way. They’ve been created by developers who have learned how to manipulate lines of code into something we take for granted. Coding is an amazing skill, and with a little knowledge, we can begin to understand how our digital world is put together. Coding for Beginners is a first step into the wider world of code, introducing readers to the core concepts of C++, Python, Windows batch files and Linux Scripting. Inside the pages readers find the necessary tools to help form a solid foundation, from learning how to get code into a computer, through to creating interesting and useful programs that help solve real world problems.

Coding for Beginners is the ideal way to start the journey and it’s something that every country in the world is going to need.

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