Basketball Coach Weekly

Basketball Coach Weekly

Green Star Media Ltd

BASKETBALL COACH WEEKLY is an advisory newsletter delivered direct to your email inbox. Unlike most basketball coaching information, it is specifically aimed at coaches of players from 6 to 18 years of age. All its contents are written by top basketball coaches with first hand experience of the kinds of coaching challenges you face week in and week out.That means the emphasis is very much on proven, can-do strategies for raising your game and the success of your players. Our coaching experts evaluate what can go wrong in practise problem by problem and provide two solutions that you can use immediately. Concise articles that are easy to read. Topics covered include : planning practise sessions, dribbling, fitness, training games, core skills, the art of coaching, dealing with difficult parents, late game situations, personal development, game strategy and tactics, developing team spirit and individual and team discipline.

52 issues a year


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