The Android Guidebook

The Android Guidebook

Black Dog Media

If you are new to Android you will almost certainly be asking questions about how to do the things you want to do, from rejecting calls with a message, to protecting your device from viruses. However with our Guidebook in hand, you will quickly discover that there is much more to Android. Step-by-step Guides and Tutorials - Learn how to get started with your new Android smartphone or tablet, from making calls and sending messages, to downloading apps and sharing photos with friends and family. The Android Guidebook will help to make things simple with detailed, easy to follow, step-by- step guides. Unlock Amazing Android Extras - Your Android device is no doubt crammed with useful software when you get it but with the easy addition of a handful of key apps, you can take things even further. Learn how to turn your device into a multimedia player or a portable games arcade and discover the amazing things you can do with free apps and core features. Essential Tips and Tricks - From tricks to make your battery last longer to ways of using less mobile data, it is always useful to have a library of quick tips to dip into when you need them. Learn how to protect and backup your important data, files and images, and learn what to do if you experience problems when using Android. Get More from Android - With Android tablets available in a range of sizes, and to suit almost any budget, there is no reason why everyone can’t enjoy reading an e-book, play Candy Crush or browse the web on the go. As both the hardware and the Android operating system matures, the possibilities of what you can do on an Android tablet will both amaze and delight you. This 148 page bookazine is available to license around the world. This publication is regularly updated in line with upgrades and developments.


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