Génération Electrique & Hybride

Génération Electrique & Hybride

Groupe CP Presse

Génération Electrique & Hybride is a French magazine that highlights the truly versatile and affordable electric cars that are finally arriving at dealerships. With the infrastructure for charging developing fast, switching to the silence of the electric motor is no longer reserved for pioneers. And if this category is evolving at full speed, it should not be forgotten that hybrids and plug-in hybrids are also on the rise. Génération Electrique & Hybride test drives all the models on the market and offers an independent and objective opinion on each of them. There may not be many on the roads now, but the number is set to rise dramatically and motorists are already seeking information on the models they will soon be buying.

Génération Electrique & Hybride is trailblazing an important new motoring sector… maybe it’s one you too should be joining.

6 issues a year

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