The Windows 10 Manual

The Windows 10 Manual

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Just about every page of THE WINDOWS 10 MANUAL contains useful tips and helpful hints. From ways to staying safe on the Internet and creating a Microsoft account, to sharing a photo with and customising your Start Menu. No matter if you have never used Windows for anything more than browsing online, there is lots more to discover. Give yourself a firm foundation to start from. Learn the steps you need to take to safely upgrade an older version of the OS to Windows 10, no matter if your computer is running Windows 7, 8 or even Vista. With the software properly upgraded, learn the best way to get your PC set up with new user accounts. Dig deeper into the main elements of Windows 10 and discover new features and what they can do for you. Learn how to improve security and boost performance, discover how to manage files and folders using the File Explorer and see how to get more from the best Microsoft OS released for several years. This 192 page bookazine is available to license around the world. This publication is regularly updated in line with upgrades and system developments.


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