La Mia Boutique

La Mia Boutique

Hepi Press SRL

La Mia Boutique is the top-rated Italian dressmaking magazine with issues that contain around 40 designs, incorporated within four pull-out patterns. The secret of its success is simple… offer readers beautiful projects that would normally cost at least €50 and sell each issue for €5.50. Licensing publishers can choose designs from a huge archive and plan each issue to suit their market. La Mia Boutique is aimed at an audience that’s passionate about fashion and sewing. Each monthly issue features clothes and accessories that ooze Italian style while inside the patterns are large format with the individual pieces available in true sizes. It also has all the technical instructions, cutting and packing information and lists of necessary products. In addition, each pattern has an indication of the degree of difficulty, ranging from 'easy' to 'expert'.

La Mia Boutique features its own high quality patterns and all are available for publication worldwide. Get in touch for much more information.

11 issues a year

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